Best Practices


  • False bidding is illegal on Just Bid Live, if you suspect such behavior, please contact us. 
  • Please keep all your communications on Just Bid Live. To do such protects you from any fraudulent activities.
  • Why administration fees?
    Just Bid Live has many processes, where our administration fees go to, maintenance, functionality, operations, and upgrades. 
  • Our website’s main currency is in USD.




  • Buyers, please ensure to make your payments promptly.
  • A habit of non-payments may affect your account.
  • When you receive your item, please confirm your order as delivered.




  • All items sold, require a tracking number.
  • When selling an item, please ensure to select the estimated time of delivery.
  • You may not be able to see your own auctions on display. But surely, your auction is live.
  • Most payouts occur after when the item is received by the buyers.
  • To receive payments, you require stripe API key’s.
  • Please provide as many details as possible about your items for sale, to avoid any misconceptions.




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